One And Only Realty, Inc.

One and Only Realty, Inc. is an international boutique real estate brokerage firm headquartered in New York City. The company represents the interests of companies and individuals involved in real estate transactions, including purchases and sales of apartments, houses and businesses.

One and Only realty, Inc. possess over 20 years of experience in the New York real estate market. We provide the most thorough advice. We have the latest information about the real estate market and the properties available in New York City. Our forte is high-end properties: exquisite and elite residences in Manhattan, estates in Long Island and other tri-state areas. Each client is guaranteed personalized attention, confidentiality and the most professional service.

We work with the most knowledgeable law firms in New York, where only the most experienced attorneys provide VIP-service for transactions that are personalized to the specific needs of each client. These services extend to the clients’ businesses and personal matters, including corporate law and immigration advice. We also provide extensive assistance in acquisition of businesses. All of our clients receive full VIP concierge service.

For a real estate transaction to succeed, not only does one need assistance with the laws governing the transaction, but also one needs to be able to accurately assess the unique situation on a case-by-case basis given market conditions during a given period. One and Only Realty has the breath of experience and expertise to provide this all-encompassing advice. We have never left a client with a question unanswered or a transaction not completed. We vow to make your experience with One and Only Realty second to none, and provide the care and attention catered to each clients’ individual needs.


JOJO of New York, Inc.

A metropolis like New York is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in the world. Attracting millions of tourists and immigrants, it can be simultaneously the most interesting, yet most overwhelming and difficult place to live in and navigate. JoJo of New York, Inc. helps you discover the very best of New York City and transforms your stay into an extraordinary yet convenient experience.

Whether you are looking to move permanently, buy property, open a bank account or need help with things such as buying a car, buying furniture, home renovations, hiring a nanny, hiring a house keeping service, or things as small as obtaining a mobile phone service, we provide it all. The key to our success is understanding the complexities behind such processes and accompany every customer to make his/her experience (whether moving, buying or selling property, visiting, or doing business) as easy and as pleasurable as possible.

When an individual turns to us for help, we think through all the details. We make you feel like New York has, is, and always will be your home. We provide you with a smooth, headache-free stay ensuring comfort and familiarity with our amazing city.

JoJo of New York works with clients from around the world: some who are looking to relocate to NYC, others are already here. Our experts will ensure that you have the very best experience. Our staff will organize all that is necessary to guide you through the city, including tours, tour guides, and individualized care dependent on each individuals purpose for his/her stay.

We seek to optimally fulfill our clients’ needs on all levels while simultaneously keep the clients’ costs/fees to a minimum. We guarantee our customers the best conditions surrounding any transaction. Our priority, as well as our policy, is to provide our customers with full satisfaction. You, as an individual, are JoJo’s priority. From your first to last visit, whether it is one or numerous, you will never be disappointed or feel unfulfilled. New York is our home. We want you to feel it is yours as well .

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